Opal Rains is no stranger to catering for intimate family events or a function for hundreds of guests. No event is too big or small -or stylish!

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what's your flavour?

Chocolate cookie fudge

Rich chocolate fudge cake layered with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream, salted caramel sauce, dark chocolate ganache and crushed oreos

Mixed berries

Moist vanilla cake marbled with bits of mixed seasonal berries  layered with vanilla flavoured swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry coulis. Want an extra kick? Add some lemon curd to the mix!


Choc chip, walnut and banana cake wmothered in salted caramel sauce, and layered with vanilla flavoured swiss meringue buttercream and crushed banana chips and dark chocolate ganahce.

Carrot cake

Decadent carrot cake filled with the most scrumptious ingredient combination including – you guessed it- carrots! Walnuts, coconut pineapple bits, spice, cream chease frosting and pineapple buttercream.

Forbidden forest Black rocky forest

Rick chocolate fudge cake with crystalised cherries, raspberry,  walnuts, cherry comppote, dark chocolate shavings, ganache, raspberry flavoured marshmallow, vanilla flavoured swiss meringue buttercream.

Summer loving

Moist citrus (lemon lime),  base with hints of coconut, passionfruit curd, White chocolate and roasted coconut flakes.

Lip stick Red velvet

Rich layers of heavenly red velvet cake , crushed freeze dried raspberries, strawberry crispearls, cream cheese frosting and fluffy vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.


Velvety vanilla cake using real vanilla bean, layered with silky swiss meringue buttercream and rainbow sprinkles

Orange chocolate

Bits of crystalised orange, chocolate chips, almond,  dark chocolate ganache , crisp pearls, a hint marmalade, chocolate vanilla flavoured swiss meringue buttercream

Matcha and strawberry

Alternating layers of matcha and strawberry sponge cake with crushed  maltesers strawberry compote and white chocolate matcha shavings.

Strawberry shortcake

Moist strawberry cake with bits of fresh strawberry compote, berry and vanilla flavoured buttercream and a surprising addition of strawberry crispearls. Pistachio is optional!